Manipur Election Result 2017: Irom Sharmila loses to Okram Ibobi Singh

Irom Sharmila
Irom Sharmila

Guwahati/March 11, (Prag News Desk): Irom Sharmila, anti-AFSPA activist who was contesting against Chief Minister and Congress candidate Okram Ibobi Singh in Thoubal has lost the contest with an a utter unceremonious margin of votes.

Irom Sharmila who just managed to get a little about 100 votes where as the current Chief Minister won by a whopping 15,000 votes. It is an irony that the political party that Irom Sharmila formed after ending her sixteenth year old hunger strike failed to make an impression in the Manipuri political and social scenario, very unlike to her enduring statement against AFSPA Act.

People’s Resurgence and Justice Alliance failure however triggered opinions where the Iron Lady stated that there had been an open use of muscle power and money and the lost is a gear-head as she will be contesting in the 2019 General Elections.

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