PM Modi sweeps Uttar Pradesh, turns demonetization in his favor.

modi wins in UP
modi wins in UP

Guwahati/March 11, (Prag News Desk): Gearing massive victory post demonetization, the bold step that helped PM Narendra Modi to win the confidence of the masses in Utter Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

The opposition anti-poor allegations over smart campaign of selling “Demonetization” as the weapon to curb out corruption and smooth the economy fell out in favor of team Saffron.
Interestingly, farmers and small scale traders constitute the largest numbers of the vote counts in Uttar Pradesh, positively they supported demonetization as a fair-trade practice and streamlining agricultural trade.

Contesting for 403 seats in Uttar Pradesh, BJP took lead with 403 seats and glorious wins in 5. The support base of BJP only is increasing with spectacular win in Uttar Pradesh.

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