Dual cases of molestation shakes North East.

Rape Cases In Assam
Rape Cases In Assam

Guwahati/March 14, (Prag News Desk):In an yet another shameful episode in the heart of the city, two separate incidents of molestation came into light. Asha (identity hidden/ case sensitive), a PhD student at the Central University of Assam was molested at the railway station, Paltan Bazar by one Hassan Ali. She boarded the North-East express from Delhi on Friday and is here in Guwahati to attend her convocation on 15th of March’2017.

“I was pulled to the ground and no one helped me. Being an outsider, I am feeling so unsafe in Assam”- retorted the victim.
Another incident when a seven year old was molested right at the back of the Saraighat Mathurapur Police Station during the Holi festivities. The miscreants molested her and later beaten her before eloping and joining the merry crowd.

It is rather alarming that according to the Assam Police records, more than 15,000 cases of rape have been registered over the decade. With no cease post the new government has come into power, pledged to women security, the number only continues to grow.

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