Silapathar violence accused arrested, evokes continued agitation.

Silapathar Protest
Silapathar Protest

Guwahati/March 14, (Prag News Desk):With the communal unrest still invading the peace and flow of town Silapathar, the arrest of the accused Binoy Biswas stirs public disobedience claiming that the accused must be handed for public justice.

Biswas who is the national organizing secretary of NBBUSS was arrested under section 147/148/149/448/325/ 307/427 and 153(A) of the Indian Penal Code. The arrest however is what seemingly a tip-off, post immense pressure by the All Assam Students Union.

As Biswas is arrested, the words of accusation by Ambika Roy who stated that AASU office vandalizing was self-staged appears as faulty as the demand for identification in Assam, that could have been otherwise a peaceful civil disobedience.
At the rest, the curfew in Silapathar was relaxed for four hours with no fresh news of violence for the same.

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