The biggest bamboo market of Assam faces survival stakes.

bamboo Assam
bamboo Assam

Guwahati/March 14, (Prag News Desk): Assam is a land of sylvan resources and bamboo is an essential part of the North Eastern economy. Besides, 26 species of bamboo much to our privilege is found in Assam but today, the biggest bamboo market in North East is to be recognized by the Union Government. Pity that being one alone surviving legal wholesale market of bamboo species, Nagarbera is not supported by the Government of Assam.

Being part of the Vision Rattan, Vision Bamboo and said to be supported by a financial constitution of 3000 crores by the two major HPC paper mills, the state of bamboo economy is in doldrums in the State given the government ignorance.

The bamboo market of Nagarbera, Kamrup district providing sustainable sustenance to many local vendors of the Kamrup district but with no legit awareness or support by the State government, the future of the market is in perishable lots.

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  1. Most of the forest land encroaching by different community time to time, if we got opportunity from get. Of assam or any other sector then we have lots of grazing land, forest land in our area

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