Banned ULFA to host a Bihu function at the Assam-Nagaland border

Nagaland Assam
Nagaland Assam

Guwahati/March 18, (Prag News Desk): The Assam-Nagaland border is a five decade old story of territorial dispute that still continues to stir in its own time.
Assam pledges by the boundary constitutionally assigned since 1st of  December 1963 is politically flouted by Nagaland who demands ownership over sections of the hills(now at the border) lining to their historical lineage.
Abiding by the 16 point agreement in 1960 where Nagaland was formed, the agreement also protects that all Naga territories transferred in 1826 by the British annexed Assam must be “restored”. The very difference of constitutional remedy has often resulted grave situations at the borders.

Here, the banned United Liberation Front of Assam general secretary Anup Chetia announced to host a “Bihu” function inviting Nagaland to have a peaceful deliberation over the 434 km of disputed territory.
As the land encroachment by Nagaland continues, this function by banned ULFA will be evaluated either as propaganda or effort, time will tell.

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