North Korea power play touchdown with a missile fail!


Guwahati/ 27th April’2017 (International News Desk): As North Korea vouches on to conduct more missile tests and warnings from US President Trump’s continues , a missile was launched again however failing to maneuver.
As unsettling tweets from Trump continues, this test launch of a K-17 missile at the north-eastern part of Pyongyang, North Korea came right in at the wee hours post Secretary of State Rex Tillerson convened a session of the United Nations Security Council.

The missile however couldn’t leave the North Korean territory, got shattered after flying to a height of 44 miles. Notably loyally disregarding US warning of ceasing economic sanctions against the government in Pyongyang and the activation of a missile defense system to halt nuclear weapons programme and ballistic missile tests, Kim-Jong Un pledge continues with consistent missile launches.

And minutes after the missile launch fail, the US have sent in”armada”- the USS Carl Vinson in North Korea waters, ready for a command and strike!

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