Two hydrocarbon wells discovered by Oil India in Upper Assam basin


Guwahati/ 3rd of May’2017 (Prag News Desk): Oil India discovers two hydrocarbon wells in the Upper Assam Basin that is likely to open up avenues for future explorations in the area. The discoveries were made in the wells of Borbhuibil and Lakwagaon respectively.

The Borbhuibi well has multiple sands of Barail, Lakadong and Therria formations. With 15m Barail sand at a depth of 3,322m produced oil at the rate of 28 m3/d. A 10m Lakadong and Therria sand at a depth of 4,300m produced oil at the rate of 100 m3/d.

Meanwhile in the Lakwagaon well, a gross column of 30m oil sand in Barail formation has been made which produced 42 m3/d of oil on initial testing.

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