“Low quality judgments’ in Dhubri, Barpeta,Goalpara and Kamrup brings FTs under scanner.


Guwahati/ 13th May (Prag News Desk): With the term of the Foreigner Tribunals (FTs) expiring by the end of this month, the  state government will be deciding on the fate of FTs in the State Judiciary System. In the recent assessment made, the FTs have been performing below average in deliverance of “quality”judgments. The state government have expressesed discontentment and concern over these judgments and with 100 FTs assessed, to decide on whose names with will be retained or replaced.

The cage of concern is that FTs in Dhubri, Barpeta, Goalpara and Kamrup were recorded puts a serious question mark on the credibility and the existence of FTs in the state judiciary system.

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