1.08 lakh ration cards spammed in Assam by Centre.

The centre spams Rs 1.08 lakh ration cards.

Guwahati/ 16th May’2016 (Prag News Desk): Holding Centre’s substantiation in the Supreme Court regarding the credibility of rations cards, the Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs,Food and Public Distribution has deleted 1.08 lakh ration cards in Assam till April.
During the last review made on April 9th, it was found that in 2013-2016, 1,08, 681 ration cards were deleted. Around 57.59 lakh cards issued in Assam and 57,59, 708 ration cards were digitized.

The Central Government proposed to rain-check the accountability of ration cards, under which the disposal of the ration cards is yet to be decided upon.
Union Minister for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Ram Vilas Pawan said that due to digitization of ration cards,beneficiary records, duplication due to Aadhar seeding, transfer, migration, death and change in economic status of beneficiaries and the implementation of the National Food Security Act, these cards were monitored and a total of 2.33 crore cards have been deleted.
In 2015, the Assam Government ran-in probe through Department of Food and Civil Supplies found out that there were 2,89, 238 bogus ration cards in the State.
Here, the dissolving of the ration cards will enable the Government to achieve rightful targeting of food subsidies of about Rs. 14,000 crore annum.

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  1. My also ration card was closed at once.After asking the dealer they replied that those who are pension dealer will not get any ration from the ration shop and so our ration card is cancelled.we will not receive any ration from their shop. The ration shop dealer was bisseswar Dayal who’s son has closed our ration card. The shop is in satgaon..Budhbazar Road. We really don’t know the true reason why our card is closed. They do not reply us properly. Somewhere we are fade of their misbehaving..We have not received ration from nearly 1 year..

    • Greetings from Prag News!
      On account of digitization and majorly scrutiny on migration, the aadhar cards are spammed. You have to rre-apply for a new ration card that will be digitized.

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