APSC answer scripts seized, paves way for more arrests.


Guwahati/ 19th May’2017 (Prag News Desk): Dibrugarh Police seized the answers papers of candidates who appeared for Assam Police Service Commission 2014 examination held in 2015(Mains).
A number of 1,080  answer papers were seized which are now sent for forensic examination, the investigation that will pave way to arrests of APSC officials involved in the APSCjobs-for-cash scam.
The candidates of the mentioned batch bribed the members of APSC directly or indirectly to manipulate the results and got appointed in various government departments. The seize was carried out by the team of Dibrugarh Police led by Additional Superintendent of Police Surjeet Singh Panesar and Subhasish Baruah.

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