Save the Sola craft.


Guwahati/5th June’2017 (Prag News Desk): Once an indispensable part of Hindu rituals, the Sola craft, an indigenous handicraft of the Malakar community of the district of Dhubri faces the lashes of extinction.

The Sola craft was predominant during the reign of Raja Prabhat Chandra Barua, the Zaminder of Gauripur Royal Estate who was also the chief patron of the craft. It was during his reign the Sola craft flourished the most as he encouraged the artisans do the craft and gain financially too.
The family members, daughter Nilima Barua went to various parts of the country and abroad to arrange exhibitions of sola craft along with her son, Abhijit Barua who helped her in popularizing the same.

But soon after abolition of the zamindary system in 1957, the fate and future of the Sola craft went to the shams as there was no one to head and presently the craft is confined to a very small number of aged people of the Malakar community residing at Golakganj, Dhepdhepi, Agomani, Baterhat, Matherjhar, Gauripur who are managing meagerly without any help from the youth who are not at all interested in acquiring the hereditary culture.

Also the shortage and non-availability of materials, the original art is dying and gradually is losing its identity in the Indian cultural existence. Here is an ardent need of Government intervention so that the very essence of the Sola craft can be revived and restored back to its form in our society.

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