A Van driver turns over worshippers, kills one in London Mosque.


Guwahati/19th June’2017(Prag Gobal News): A van turns over worshippers kill at least on people and injured several while worshippers leaving the London Mosque on Monday. Injured people were admitted to the nearest hospital, while two are treated on the spot.

British’s largest Muslim organisation said, it was done intentionally an act of Islamophobia.

According to source, the vehicle hit people who are leaving the biggest Finsbury Park Mosque in the country as said by the Muslim Council of Britain.

The attackers targeted the worshipers during Muslim holy month of Ramadan during the night time when people attending prayers.

“Police officials had confirmed it was being treated as serious terrorist attack will carry up with an emergency response meeting later on Monday,” said British Prime Minister Theresa May

The van driver was arrested and is sent for mental health assessment, police officials added.

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