Indian escape along with three other foreign prisoners in Bali.


Guwahati/ 20th June’2017 (Prag Global Desk): An Indian among three other foreign prisoners escaped from a jail in Indonesia’s Bali Island on Monday.

The prisoners were identified as India’s Sayed Muhammad, Shaun Edward Davidson of Australian, Bulgarian Dimitar Nikolov and Malaysian Tee Kok King. The four were arrested by police for serving terms for a mix of drug and fraud offences at the Kerokoban Prison.

What appeared as a scene from the classic Shawshank Redemption, the prisoners tunneled their way to run over from the jail.

Tony Nainggolan, Chief of Prison said that the men were still on the resort Island. They have escaped through a 50cm by 70cm hole in the outer wall found which furthers connects with a 15m long narrow tunnel, said prison officials. The tunnel used as water drainage. Staff noticed as they were missing from the Monday morning during a routine check. This May nearly about 200 prisoners break off the jail which was overcrowded in Sumatra Island.

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