Moran, Majuli villagers shares their plight with Prag News


Guwahati/ 22nd June’2017 (Prag News Desk): Khalmara village of Majuli where 600 families are marked in danger. The village is notified on high-alert at the moment because to land corrosion caused by deluge.

Making it an ardent challenge for the authorities, the consistent rains has already caused much damage. Every day at an average, 200 meter of land erodes by the flow of mighty Brahmaputra.

People of Khalmara village are urging the administration concerned to take special care of possible calamities caused by natural phenomenon. Here, they have also urged the Government to fast-track programs implemented to curb deluge disasters.

Meanwhile, at Notunbolai in Moran, land erosion have taken a derogatory face as shared by its dwellers. The plight of the people exceeds as the boundaries on the river side has not been constructed by the contractor.The very reason for heavy land slide in the village.

The villagers suggested that the officials must take immediate steps and build border on the river side, to be executed by an efficient contractor.


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