Medical negligence leads to a tusker’s death in Kaziranga

Kazinranga national park is again in news for negligence where an elephant is at the verge of dying.

Guwahati/ 23rd June’2017 (Prag News Desk): The villagers of Panbari, falling in the area of Kaziranga National Park are trying to save an elephant for the past couple of days.

The tusker who is breathing his last is being looked after by the residents of Panbari and speaking exclusively with Prag News correspondent, the mahout explained that they (elephant and him) were hired on job by one, Diepen Kalita who is a forest official.

“For the past few days, my elephant was eating silt, something that they do when ill. The forest authorities sent for a veterinarian who gave him huge amount of saline combined with heavy doses of injection that deterioted his health each passing day and for the last couple of days, he is immobile.” -he added.

“It is disturbing that at Kaziranga National Park, elephants who do the manual work are not taken care of, sometimes they are not fed properly that results into ailment which at time is fatal”-shared a local from the village.

Incidentally, four Mobile Veterinary Service units of Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC) are installed at the Kaziranga national park for animal safety.
Each Mobile Veterinary Service unit has one veterinarian, two or more animal keepers along with other conservationists and volunteers as per need. However, unfortunately, no visits have been paid yet by the stationed Divisional Forest Officer or the Ranger as the elephant fights the last moment of his life.

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