141 people missing in a massive landslide in China


Guwahati/ 24th June’2017 (Prag News Desk): At least 141 people after a massive landslide in the Sichuan province at China.

Over 40 homes were destroyed in Xinmo village as a mountain collapsed at around 6 in the morning, sources added.

The power house of landslide blocked 2km section of a river and 1,600 meters of road moved underground.

The government administration response immediately to relief victims from disaster and over 300 rescue personnel were sent on the site to help it out.

According to sources, soldiers lifting heavy rocks that blocked the way and excavators were working in the village where people faced landslide.

In recent day about 390,000 people were affected facing flood due to rains in the Hunan and Hubei provinces of China.

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