Adopt, don’t buy a pet- Just Be Friendly


Guwahati/ 24th June’2017 (Prag News Desk): Dog breeding has become a vast industry in the market. Usually known as puppy mills, the factory where female dogs are impregnated.
Just Be Friendly (JBF) released a press release citing that dog breeding is inhuman. The mere profit making motive behind these breeding houses has led to the making of a new industry. Dogs are forced to breed and once they become infertile, they are killed.

After various campaigns by animal welfare organisation, the government have sum up with Dog Breeding and Marketing Rules, 2017 notified under the law set by the Ministry of Environment & Forests during end of May 2007.

The breeders must have registration certificate issued by the Animal Welfare Board of India. Pups below 8 weeks cannot be sold without various studies.

JBF encourages dog lovers to go for adoption rather than buying.

Pedigree dogs have set of genetic issues due to breeding thus JBF encourages prior buying of a pedigree dog one should take complete details from the breeder about his valid licence or not.

This dog breeding industry might have taken the people mind away from the street dog to adopt which inturn automatically decreasing the value of street dogs.


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