Power talk held between the leaders of two big nations


Guwahati/ 27th June’2017 (Prag News Desk): US President Donald Trump and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi shake hand for close strategic partnership in White House on Monday.

In a meeting between the two big nation and two big leaders where Trump mentioned him as a true friend of India. Trump demanding few barriers for American companies exporting to India.

According to source, Trump said evils of terrorism are putting their eyes on India-US and being united we both will destroy such terrorist organisation.

The great nation leader Modi said, US and India will enhance intelligence-sharing.

Trump administration decide to provide defense technology as State Department on Monday approved $365 million sale of a C-17 military transport aircraft to India and $2 billion US made drones which will help India to put their surveillance in Indian Ocean.

Both two leaders share a populist streak for social media that their nationalist agenda could clash. Trump putting an idea of “America First” which wanted to stop the migration of jobs overseas likely Modi comes up with his own drive boost manufacturing at home called “Make in India.”

The talk between the two leaders could prove as important as policy that could set the tone for the future.


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