Bio-metric devices to trace illegal migrants in the State.


Guwahati/ 29th June’2017 (Prag News Desk): The Assam Police may introduce nearly 30 hand-held biometric devices.
These devices will capture photos and finger prints of suspected illegal foreigners by the end of this year even as nearly 41,000 declared foreigners of post-1971 stream continue to evade arrest.

The bio-metric devices is an instant finger print registration and identity verification system, introduced for Border Police as a measure to put a check on the vanishing act of the illegal migrants also, enabling the border staff to match the identity of any suspected foreigner if he or she is caught at a later stage.

The process of creating an exclusive database is expected to start by the end of this year with the Mumbai-based firm Zebra Company being assigned to execute the project.

This devices comes in a crucial time when Centre and State Government are adamant is sealing the Indo-Bangladesh borders and idenfying of suspected Bangladeshi intruders, these devices here has its own role to play.
After capturing the picture and finger prints of suspected Bangladeshi nationals by the biometric device, the data would be sent and stored in a central server maintained at the head office of the Assam Police Border Organisation, making it easier to track down the illegal migrants evading arrest.


Incidentlly, the law enforcers could apprehend only around 1,100 illegal Bangladeshis who had entered the State after 1971.

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