Plastic eggs alert!


Guwahati/ 1st of July’2017 (Prag News Desk): Just after the videos of plastic eggs went viral on media, news of plastic eggs has been reported again in Kohima on Friday.
Reportedly, the incident was that three Naga youth brought the eggs from a local grocery shop near Mao Market. But, when they boiled the eggs and fried them for preparing snacks, they noticed that the color of the eggs were different from the usual available eggs.
They also found out the raw eggs had a peculiar rotten odour, the boiled eggs were odourless.


The joint Director of Health and Family welfare ,Dr.Kevikucha Medikhri, who is also the in-charge of Food Safety Cell said that the matter had  been brought to his notice and the food safety officers had already been instructed to collect the samples of the alleged “plastic eggs”.
Adding to that he said that only after testing the eggs in laboratory they would be able to tell if the eggs were really consisted of plastic or synthetic material.

Meanwhile, the Nagaland Voluntary Consumers organisation has also demanded a thorough investigation regarding the matter. The president of NVCO expressing his deep concern about the matter said, “If any plastic material is found in the eggs ,which is a favourite food for many including old and young, the health of our people will be at stake after consuming them.”

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