Chinese Long March-5 carrier rocket failed.


Guwahati/ 3rd July’2017 (Prag News Desk): China’s new-generation Long March-5 carrier rocket failed on Sunday.

It was China’s one of the most powerful in the world rocket, an experimental communications satellite Shijian-18 lifted around 7.23 pm from the seaside Wenchang space launch center in Hainan islands of southern China.

After 40 minutes, China’s news agency flashed breaking headline declares China’s rocket launching got failed without providing further details.

China’s Long March-5 Y2’ carrier rocket failed after an anomaly was detected during its flight but details were not immediately available.

India recently successfully launched its heaviest rocket Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle MK III capable of carrying 4 ton class of communications satellites.

Joan Johnson Freese, Professor at the US Naval War College and an expert on China’s space program says, “The failure points out that rocket science is extremely difficult why more many countries don’t have the technology.”

This rocket would give China heavy lift capabilities which need to develop large space stations and needed new capabilities to reach interplanetary destinations, she added.


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