Police with KNP security to monitor vehicle speed limit in NH-37


Guwahati/ 3rd July’2017 (Prag News Desk): Speed limit reduced to 30 km per hour for safety of the Kaziranga National Park’s animals in National Highway 37 from Jakholabondha to Bokakhat under Section 144 CrPC.

The speed limit was reduced for safety that they are not hit by speeding vehicles while crossing the NH-37 during monsoons.

Dhiraj Das, Sub-divisional Officer, Bokakhat says, “We are issuing time card for every vehicle for movement and to set up check points in highway passing by the National Park.”

This initiative will keep the vehicle speed limit under control.

Both public and private heavily loaded vehicles from the state or outside were prohibited to park beside NH-37 between Bokakhat to Jakholabondha.

Police officials and along with KNP security personnel will strictly monitor the speed of the vehicle.

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