Staff involved in CCTV MMS scandal at Sivsagar hotel


Guwahati/ 4th July’2017 (Prag News Desk): The report of demolishment of safely and privacy of women is not new. In a similar kind of situation has been reported on June 24th.

According to sources, a lady ,professor by profession came to stay in Hotel Shiva from Sivsagar district, along with her family on 24th June.That very day ,when she  entered the bathroom inside her room,she sensed that someone was watching her secretly from an open window above the bathroom and video recording her. As soon as she saw that, she shouted and raised the hotel alarm . Immediately the hotel authority came to her room,saying it’s her illusion as such incident can never happen inside the hotel premises because of the strict security cameras they have .The manager even refused to open up the room ,from where she was being watched, saying the room was locked as the occupant of the particular room was out of the hotel for some work.

However,the lady and her family left the hotel as soon as the incident happened and lodged an FIR in the Sivsagar police station.Upon investigation the police came to know that the occupant of the room,who according to the hotel authorities was out of the hotel for some work had actually left the hotel in the morning that very day.

Moreover, after checking the CCTV footage it became clear  that the culprit is none other than a hotel stuff himself.On the other hand when the police interrogated the manager of the hotel ,they came to know that to mislead the police  he manipulated the documents of the guest by showing that he was staying in the hotel the they this heinous incident took place.

The distressed professor said it was a serious case of breach of an unexpecting occupant by the hotel management, and a case of criminal conspiracy

Later, on 27th of June the Deputy Commissioner of Sivsagar  police ,Prafulla Sonowal addressing the media said that the arrested stuff of the hotel have been sent the Siv Sagar jail and the investigation of the sensitive case is still on to check if anyone other than the arrested stuffs were involved in the crime.


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