Elephant deaths toll increases to 6 in since April.


Guwahati/ 4th July’2017 (Prag News Desk): The increased death of elephant death in the state has raised several questions in the minds of those,concerned about ongoing conditions in regard to wildlife preservation of the state.

Assam,having the highest number of elephant in the country has witnessed hundred of elephant deaths in the last few years.

Reportedly,unable to find enough resources for their survival,elephants have been  getting into residential areas and damaging crops,and properties and attacking people since the last few years.This is basically happening because of deforestation and encroachment of humans inside the forest zones,where most of the elephant habitat are found, providing the saying” as you sow ,so shall you reap”to be true to its highest.

Yesterday, another death of an elephant was reported due to this very reason.The veterinarian,who was in charge of the elephant said that after going through inflated stomach for hours the elephant finally lies down to death and they suspected that death of the creature to be food poisoning.

Now the question is, till when shall we have to witness such frequent elephant deaths in the state, just because of the negligence of humans and authorities concerned who are consistenly failing to conserve the wildlife habitat.



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