Cyber Crime in Assam on a rise.


Guwahati/ 5th July’2017 (Prag News Desk): Rate of cyber crime rise till 146.1 per cent in Assam.

Cyber crime is majorly practiced by the young people in social media while commenting over someone status or sharing slurs.

Incident like Rangia MMS which was leaked at social media by for an amount of five thousand. Harming people personality and prestige in social media falls under Section 67 of IT Act.

Another same incident took came into practice in Nalbari when a boyfriend leaked his girlfiend MMS in the internet.

People with the use of social platform attacking other with hard comments around the public friends with leads to a powerful cyber crime.  

Cyber crime is itself an evident which cannot be denied by someone once practice as it is all under surveillance by the authority and government.  

The peace in cyber communication and technology is seen to be reduced.

Many cases are seen over people who were harming and harassing via information technology networks in a repeated and deliberate manner called to be ‘Cyberbulling’.  

Rajnath Singh, Home minister made a statement about cyber crime that it has become a biggest developing challenge access to technology across the globe.

The numbers of crime cases of Assam were registered under the provisions of Information and Technology Act 2000.

With rising of the cyber technology in Assam is 154 in 2013 and rises double till 379 in the next year, source added.

The government administration is looking ahead to increase counter measures to any cyber crime incident.

As government also using the social media as important tool during elections in Assam by using it as a platform to reach the masses.


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