12% GST on sanitary pads- a funny confusion.


Guwahati/ 6th July’2017 (Prag News Desk): The tax bracket of 12% GST on sanitary napkins over zero percent GST on condoms is confusing lot to Indians.

The 12% on sanitary napkins, a consumer good that is extensively used by women of urban India and as much as government and NGOs promoting the use of sanitary goods in rural India, the decision is a big blow to the initiative.

Incidentally, the members of Usha Multipurpose co-operative  society Ltd, a cooperative bank run by the sex workers of Sonagachi and other red light areas of Bengal have been providing sanitary napkins to the sex workers and condoms at a lower rate from market for years. But after the imposition of 12 percent tax on sanitary napkins the companies that earlier sold the sanitary napkins to them at a discounted rate ,have now refused to sell the napkins and condoms at the same rate,which has created real concern among the management of the bank .

The manager said it took them years to convince the sex workers to use napkins now when they are solely dependent on them the increased rate of napkins has put them in a stressful state.


Meanwhile, despite signing petitions and sitting on hunger strikes, women are yet to find some concession in the rates of sanitary pads. This strange combination can also be seen in the case of hair and hair products. While hair and wastage of hair are kept tax free, shampoos, conditioners and other grooming products will be charged at 28%.
Currently, the petition to remove the tax imposed on sanitary napkins has been started which has already received 304,533 supporters.

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