Erosion get worse, 12 habitation lost in 2 years.


Guwahati/ 6th July’2017 (Prag News Desk): The confident claims of the State Government on protecting the people living in the riverine areas has fallen flat on its face as the recurring flood and erosion problem is only getting graver.

The formidable erosion of the Brahmaputra river has been reported in several villages of the State but the concerned authorities have been turning a deaf ear to the erosion menace and the concerned machineries have failed to launch immediate measures to protect the erosion-affected areas.

Recently, after the body of 6-year-old Deepsikha in Chandrapur was digged out of the debris in Chandrapur, the absence of an anti-erosion infrastructure is felt and how.

“It is unfortunate that our villages are gradually being destroyed in front of our eyes and we are helpless”-shared a villager from Baksa, where erosion has demolished 15 houses so far.

Incidentally, land erosion in Majuli is recurrent but saving the habitations is long gone thus restoring dwellers to local remedies like puja and so.

Erosion of the Brahmaputra has also been posing threat to many riverline villages and high hopes are now attached to Assam Water Resources Minister, Keshab Mahanta and the State Government itself to install anti-erosion infrastructure in the State so receptive to floods.


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