The Indo-China power showdown…


Guwahati/ 6th May’2017 (Prag News Desk): After the military conflict between the Indian and Chinese troops in the border. China demanded India to remove troops from the disputed territory of Bhutan or India need to remember about 1962 defeat.

Both the Asian powers were putting pressure to each other. As Arun Jaitley, Defence Minister of India strongly replied China that 2017 India is not is different from 1962 India.

Global Times a Chinese daily is directly publishing news against India and asking Chinese people to stand united to teach India a lesson.

The publishing of such news can lead and rise more conflict between India and China.

The military border clashes between the two Asian nations warming up the whole world.

Talking about the power China stands third in global rank on the other hand India standing fourth.

China standing with 2,333,000 active personnel where India with 1,325,000 active personnel. China have 2,300,000 reserved troops India has 2,123,000.

China had more tanks than India on the other hand India is strong than China having more numbers of Tower-Artillery.

Both the nations have over two thousand aircraft including other space fighter which can put equal pressure and it’s enough to dominate the sky, source added.

India listed more in numbers of transport aircraft but China listed top in helicopters.

Talking about the sea power China is step ahead of India having 714 navel’s strength when India had just 295. China counted triple in destroyer than India.

India is leading in aircraft career than China. China is ahead with 48 submarines where India has 14.

India has larger number of mine warfare than China.

Counting from nuclear China seems to be stronger in nuclear power. The overall defence budget China having more budget than India in military, source added.

The two Asian power nations have equal ability in war. China can’t take easily to India as India is next to China in global rank.

The war can bring equal loss for both nations.


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