India and Bangladesh to have a bridge interlink


Guwahati/ 8th July’2017 (Prag News Desk): India and Bangladesh to construct bridge over Khawthlangtuipui River in Mizoram.

The main reason to construct the bridge is to improve the trade communication of India and Bangladesh.

J Hmingthanmawia, Director of Mizoram Industries and Commerce Department, “India and Bangladesh proposed for the connecting bridge for two nations during a meeting held at Tlabung town on Friday.”

In the meeting bilateral issues were discussed in the meeting.

Rowshan Ara Khanam, Bangladeshi officials said this bridge will open a direct link between India and Bangladesh. Bangladesh government takes important step to make it real.  

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina agreed for the construction of linked bridge and road.

The Mamit district of Mizoram India to join Khagrachari district of Bangladesh.

Both the countries inspected location for the construction of the bridge as Mizoram shares 318 km of unfenced border with the neighbouring nation.


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