NEEPCO dam water causes floods in Lakhimpur


Guwahati/ 10th May’2017 (Prag News Desk): The dam induced flood has worsened the flood situation in Lakhimpur district.  The release of access water from 405 MW Ranganadi Hydro-Electrical Power plant by State owned North East Electrical Power Corporation (NEEPCO) at Yazali inside Arunachal Pradesh has submerged greater parts of Lakhimpur.

The release of dam water of Ranganadi on its downstream has left the river overflowed at an alarming speed which has already been flowing above danger level following incessant rains since Saturday evening.
The overflowing waters of Ranganadi submerged a wider area in Pahumara near North Lakhimpur. The entire area on the left hand side of the river on the Pahumara Tiniali under Nowboicha Revenue Circle is reeling under water.

On the right hand side of the river the increased water submerged a wide river island comprising four villages in Borbeel area in North Lakhimpur. The flood water of Ranganadi is flowing over the Chang Ghars of the villagers on that island.

However, no rescue team has reached the flood affected area and people are left marooned calling for rescue.
The flood waters of Ranganadi overflowed on the National Highway-15 near the Ranganadi bridge near North Lakhimpur. The Pahumara-Dejoo PWD road connecting Arunachal Pradesh also saw Ranganadi flood waters overflowing from the Pahumara Tinilai up to a stretch of 1.5 kms.

According to the District Disaster Management Authority, NEEPCO released 3500 mm of water through its Gate No. 1, 5000 mm water through Gate No. 3 and 2000 mm water through its Gate No. 5 at 3.30 pm on Monday.

In Bihpuria the dam induced flood water of Dikrong swamped18 villages stretching from Badatighaat to West Laluk in Bihpuria Revenue Circle area.
The water level of the river has been rising since 2 am and it is overflowing over the only PWD road connecting Bihpuria with district headquarter North Lakhimpur at Panch Ali.

The continuous rain in the region has increased the threat to the road which was breached in 1998. Any breach of the road could leave more than 150 village cut-off from the district headquarters.


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