Senior official of Iraqi soccer club killed down by unidentified gunmen


Guwahati/ 18th July’2017 (Prag News Desk): Sad incident as sports official come under the attack of terror as unidentified gunmen shot down senior officials of one of the most leading soccer club of the Iraqi premier league on Monday.

Police officials said the gunmen killed four other members of his family’s’ consists of wife and three children, source added.

The incident took place in Mansour neighbourhood situated in the western part of the capital of Baghdad.

As per updates information the gunmen had stolen money and property papers from the house before the incident took place, source added.

Iraqi officials said they were working on the scene and immediately launched their investigation to find out the depth reason of the killings.

At least 411 Iraqis were killed and 294 were wounded in June across Iraq, source added.

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