Trump-Putin secret meeting at G20 summit is absurd, says White House


Guwahati/ 19th July’2017 (Prag News Desk): US President Donald Trump holds a secret meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the G20 summit in Germany, source added.

The meeting between the leaders of the top nations was said as it’s a second undisclosed meeting held early this month.

There is no secret meeting held between the two leaders as the White House has confirmed both two leaders talked during the G20 dinner is just a conversation but it’s incorrect to describe it as a second meeting.

During the dinner, all leaders circulated and spoke with the other leader freely said the White House.

It brings up lots of hidden questions that can bring to the minds of the people about the secret meetings between the two leaders.

American media raises new questions discussed in the meeting which can bring a different look in Trump-Putin relationship.


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