Dergoan villagers restore Kirtan washed in floods.


Guwahati/ 22nd July’2017 (Prag News Desk): The great Assam deluge is seemingly subsiding, yet the greater affect of the flood can be seen on the lives of the people who are trying to get back things to normal.
Here, the villagers from Notun Chapori, Dergoan brought a very heart-warming incident to Prag News account. Incidentally, during incessant rains, a holy Kirtan, the book of the Vaishnav clan came afloating in the flood waters and was stuck on a Jamun tree and with more rains the holy book nestled closer to the village paddy fences, when finally the villagers spotted it followed by the thought to restore it.

“Assam is a land of innately binded culture and customs and here, the restoration to us came as a habit over duty. The head priest too intervened and advised us to keep the Kirtan at the village premises. It is our regards to the came from…”

The hamlet restored the Holy Kirtan by placing it between their newly harvested paddy fields as a mark of respect to the “Naamghar” it may have been displaced.

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