US to ban citizen from visiting North Korea


Guwahati/ 22nd July’2017 (Prag News Desk): United States soon to ban its citizens from travelling to North Korea officials said.

US took an important step for the safety measure for their citizen as North Korea arrested and killed an American student Otto Warmbier who visited last year in research work.

On the other hand it can be said as US is blacklisting North Korea.

The ban will likely to be announced on July 27 which will come into action after a month.

US government to automatically cancel the passports of Americans who will try to visit North Korea, source added.

Apart from the 22 years old student Warmbier killed by North Korea, other three American were arrested with any issue between 2013 to 2014 and send back after several months.

In 2008, a South Korean tourist was shot dead by North Korean troop after entering a restricted military zone.

Travel agencies were expecting such ban decision of US.

Now the question comes out how North Korea will react in such decision taken by the US.


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