Erosion worsens embankment breaches in the State

Rescue workers walk at an area hit by heavy rain at Haki district in Asakura, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan July 7, 2017. REUTERS/Issei Kato

Guwahati/ 24th July’2017 (Prag News Desk): Erosion has become one of the predominent outcome in the current flood situation which has resulted into breaches.Altogether 19 breaches, including two ‘public cuts’, occurred in the embankments of the rivers in eight districts of the State during the current flood season. According to the State’s Water Resources Department (WRD), two of these breaches were found to have occurred in the Brahmaputra embankments in Mikirgaon area of Morigaon district and in Jadavpur area of Barpeta district.

The two breaches in the Ranganadi embankment that resulted in the flood havoc in Lakhimpur, were mainly caused by erosion. Erosion was also responsible for the breach that occurred in the embankment on the Golandi in Baksa district.

The highest number of breaches in the embankments occurred in Majuli district, although eight of them that occurred on the Malapindha Mahial embankments on the Subansiri, are smaller ones.

One ‘public cut’ has been reported near the Kekorikata Sluice Gate in the island district, and another in the embankment on the Burhadiya in Nadla area in Nalbari district, sources said. The term ‘public cut’ is used by WRD engineers to describe a cut in an embankment made by nearby people in order to release accumulated rainwater.In the case of the Katakhal embankment, overtopping of the structure by floodwaters was also found to be a facilitating factor, together with the riverbank erosion, for the collapse of the dyke. In Majuli district, the Subansiri also overtopped its embankments, while in the Jadavpur area of Barpeta district, the Brahmaputra embankment slumped down suddenly, when the river was in high spate.

Breaches also occurred in some Panchayat dykes, Agriculture Department dykes, Town Committee dykes and Irrigation Department dykes, which are not placed under the WRD. Moreover, vast areas that are not protected by the embankments were also inundated by floodwaters in various parts of the State.

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