At least 301 people lost life due to dengue in Sri Lanka


Guwahati/ 25th July’2017 (Prag News Desk): At least 301 people lost their life due to dengue in Sri Lanka on Tuesday.

Dengue cases have become a serious problem for the people as it reaches up to 105,000 people reported by Sri Lanka Red Cross Society.

The society is continuously scaling up and taking every possible measure to treat the dengue victims around the country, source added.

Around 55,150 people were diagnosed with the disease which is recorded double than 2016.

Dengue leads in Sri Lanka as people were not taking security measures during monsoon rains and flood which have left water in pools and in trash for many days.

Dengue is continuously spreading among the people in a worst way.

Novil Wijesekara, Sri Lanka Red Cross Society says, “Dengue is rising in dramatic was as lots of cases were reported about the virus which is currently spreading among the due to lack of safety measure.”


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