Can’t we help the five month old baby girl?


Guwahati/ 25th July’2017 (Prag News Desk): Prag News takes you to the heart-wrenching story of the five month old girl child who was born without her genitals and today is facing the struggle to survive. 

Reportedly, a woman named Junmoni Devi from Morigaon gave birth to a girl child five months back. But, the very next day of birth the parents discovered that the child they brought to the world didn’t have genitals. To make matters worse, their family members prevented  them from coming back home with the girl child stating her to be an omen for the family. 

Being rejected due to superstition, the dejected family seek the help of medical science and took the baby girl to Guwahati Medical College Hospital .
Although the doctors of GMCH inserted a temporary tube into the baby girl for feaces extraction, the plight of the family continues because of very poor economic condition, the family is unable to afford the visit to the doctot at GMCH.

“We plead the government for their helping aid in bringing back the baby into normal life or with a weighing heard we’ll have to give the child to foster parents”, with tearful eyes the mother shared with Prag News

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