Indian Ocean level rising then estimate due to global warming


Guwahati/ 25th July’2017 (Prag News Desk): As compared to the estimate, global warming is rising fast in the sea level in the North Indian Ocean.

The information shared by the parliament on Monday.

In the recent studies, researched by the Indian scientist said the sea level is rising slightly higher than the global estimate.

Y S Chowdary, Minister of State for Earth Sciences reported the information in the parliament in a written reply.

The annual rise of the sea level annual rises from 3.2 mm from 1.7mm which was keep into noticed.

From 1901 to 2010 the sea level rises by 19 cms.

After the information reported in the parliament the Central Government has issued notification to provide security o the fisherman and other local communities living in the coastal area.

It is also put into the notification to take special care of the marine areas as it masked dangerous for natural disaster in coming days due to global warming.


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