Indian sentenced 30 months prison in United States


Guwahati/ 27th July’2017 (Prag News Desk): An Indian citizen from New Delhi sentenced to prison for 30 months in by federal court at Louisiana in United States on Tuesday.

US police officials arrested the Indian as he was selling illegal gun silencers and planning to smuggle more.

Mohit Chauhan, 31 was originally from Pitampura in New Delhi as he was charged for trying to sell silencers by contracting someone.

Alexander C Van Hook, Federal Prosecutor says, “Chauhan contracted client who wanted to buy silencers and discuss over phone and mails.”

“Chauhan brought silencer in Louisiana City to show the buyers,” Hook added.

When Chauhan and his client meet each other in a restaurant in Bossier City for the deal their conversations have been recorded by federal agents.

Recording footages claimed strong evidence against the 31 years Indian.

Officials said Chauhan’s customer was not identified and further investigation is going on to find out the depth of the story.


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