RhODIS to prosecute offenders in poaching cases in the State.


Guwahati/ 7th August’2017 (Prag News Desk):  Forest officials are developing a protocol and procuring kits for adopting RhODIS, a rhino DNA indexing system, which will help investigate and prosecute offenders in poaching cases.

The RhODIS tool compiles each individual rhino’s unique DNA profile in a ready-to-reference database that can be presented in a court of law, thereby proving that a seized horn was from a particular poached rhino.

A team will be formed and the members will be trained how to collect the samples and preserve them before being sent to the labs.

The samples are likely to be sent to the Dehradun-based Wildlife Institute of India (WII) which will keep the database. Blood, hair and ear tissues, etc., from each dead rhino – whether it died of natural causes or unnatural – will be collected and sent to WII for preservation and profiling. In fact, a few samples have been already sent to the WII, sources said.

RhODIS is a rhino DNA profiling and database system developed by Pretoria’s Veterinary Genetics Lab (VGL) in collaboration with partners. The system is being successfully used in African nations to investigate and prosecute offenders in rhino poaching cases.




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