China continues to make noise, India remains quiet.


Guwahati/ 9th August’2017 (Prag News Desk): The continued standoff between India and China in Doka-La area has not affected the diplomatic and trade relation between the two countries and the Government of India is of the view that the issue can be resolved amicably through talks. The Government of India is keeping all the diplomatic channels open to resolve the issue peacefully and the Government of Bhutan is also taken into confidence in the process of talks to resolve the issue. China would lose more if the trade ties are suspended at this moment because China’s exports to India are four times higher than India’s exports to China thus the suspension of the trade treaty will go for a long hault.

The Government of India is also of the view that the standoff on the4,000-km-long international boundary with China and apart from the Doka-La area would not escalate into a full scale war despite the Government of China issuing threats, mostly through the state controlled media.

This comes as a noticeable lot that the Government of India maintained its composure despite China’s continued reaction and have restricted to  statements that clarifys the Nation’s position.

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