50,000 tourists evacuated after quake in China


Guwahati/ 10th August ‘2017 (Prag News Desk):  At least 50,000 tourists were evacuated including 126 foreigners after a tremendous earthquake at Sichuan province in China. 19 people lost their life in a deadly earthquake and around 343 were immediately admitted to the nearest hospital. The rescue teams shifted the tourist to the safer place in the cities of Mianyang and Chengdu. More than 9,000 local residents were also been moved to the safe areas. Jiuzhaigou is a popular tourist place where 7.0 magnitude earthquakes hit China in the morning on Tuesday. Officials rescued around 16 people who were trapped at the scenic spot which is also called Panda Sea in Jiuzhaigou. Soon after the earthquake the power supplies were cut down as they were restored on Thursday. Major linked highway Jiuzhai-Huanglong Airport was also resumed on Thursday.

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