Two declared foreigners pushed back to Bangla since 2013.


Guwahati/ 11th August’2017 (Prag News Desk): There is no noticeable improvement in the detection of foreigners in the State and  passing on nearly 32  years of the Assam Accord, the process has slowed down drastically after a new system of deportation was introduced in 2013.

The records available with the State Government point to the sorry state of affairs as only two persons declared as foreigners by the Foreigners Tribunals could be pushed back during the period from March, 2013 to May this year, which turned the entire process of detection and deportation into a farce. However, during the same period, 67 convicted foreigners could be pushed back.

Incidentally  after the new system of deportation came into effect, the process of pushing back foreigners which was always difficult as the Government of Bangladesh refused to accept the persons sought to be pushed back as its citizens encountered even more graver problems.
The old system which forcibly pushed back person declared as foreigners without any official records of formally handling them over to the Bangladesh authorities and they could re-enter India by taking advantage of the porous international border.

To deal with the problem, a new system was introduced in 2013, but that is a lengthy process and the process of pushing back foreigners slowed down even further.
The process that starts with the Border Police Organisation who writes to the State Government with the details of the person along with his or her original address in Bangladesh.
The second phase, State Government writes to the Government of India and the Ministry of External Affairs informs the details to the Bangladesh High Commission in India.
The Bangladesh High Commission then informs its Government, which verifies the original addresses of the persons sought to be deported and only after receiving clearance from the Government of Bangladesh.
The persons are formally handed over to the Border Guards, Bangladesh. The system is a very lengthy one as all the formalities and verification by the Government of Bangladesh takes a very long time and the persons sought to be deported have to be kept in the detention camps.

However, it is easier to deport the Bangladeshi nationals who came to India with legal documents and stayed back after the expiry of the validity period of the visa. According to records available, 67 such persons were deported to Bangladesh after March, 2013.

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