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Guwahati/ 17th August’2017 (Prag News Desk): Globe is under pressure by tremendous flood as hundreds of people died and thousands were displaced in the recent ongoing flood. Deluge in India have killed at least 39 people in Assam and affected over 33,45,442 people of 25 districts which are submerged. Rescue officials said around 41,871 victims were evacuated from the Assam flood alone and the longest river of India that flows between Assam is flowing above the danger level. Around 3,34,025 hectares of cropland were affected in Assam. 

In Western Meghalaya around 1.2 lakh people were affected in 136 villages were affected by flood. As government said no loss of life reported. Around 30 relief camps were set for relief and rescue operation to accommodate the victims by requisitioned 209 boats. Jingiram river of Meghalaya in the Garo Hills caused flood in the west. At least 58 people were killed and around 70 lakh people were affected by the devastating floods as victims were fighting for survival and safety. State officials said in the report that the death toll would rise till 90. Doctors were immediately sent to the flood victims in flood affected districts as Army teams, NDRF and SDRF were putting all their effort to control the hard task. In Uttar Pradesh 400 civilians were evacuated and taken to the safer zone from the flood affected villages. In 12 villages rescue operation were going on.

The neighbouring country of India, Nepal flood kills 120 people in the tremendous flood. Officials reported of missing 35 people. 39 people were injured in the flood as they were immediately admitted to the hospital. 75 district of the Himalayan nation were submerged in deluge as 80 per cent of lands were floating water. 26, 700 personnel were active in rescue operation in Nepal. More than 3,000 houses were destroyed in flood as 22,000 victims were displaced by flood. In Bangladesh at least 29 people have died in recent flood which caused due to heavy rain. Around 90,000 people were displaced and 1,151 houses were destroyed. In Bangladesh 1.6 million people were affected by flood.

In Sierra Leone, West Africa, flood kills at least 400 people and around 600 people were reported as missing. Flood took place in the capital city of Sierra Leone in Freetown.  Thousands of houses were destroyed as the incident took place due to heavy rain which leads towards flood and mudslide.

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