Doklam standoff comes to end


Guwahati/ 29th August’2017 (Prag News Desk): After more than three months of incessant engagement of  India and China in Doklam standoff, the clash finally came to an end upon the agreement of both the countries in pulling back troops from the border site following a series of diplomatic interaction between both the countries.

Although both the countries agreed to end the standoff in Doklam, the government of India still instructed all its border security forces to be prepared to face any hustling situation in case China attacks any of its other International territory in the coming days.

“India and China have maintained diplomatic communication in recent times.We have been able to convey our concerns and express our views earlier.Depending on this the quick decision the disengagement of both the countries in Doklam stand off has been agreed and still going on”,said a statement by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

However, it will be important to mention that India has constantly been trying to bring an end to the Doklam standoff through diplomatic discussion ever since the disagreement took place. When, Indian prime minister had cordial talks with Chinese president Xi Jinping during the G-20 summit regarding the issue Ajit Doval,National Security Adviser also had a meeting with the president on the very matter.

Economy is one of the chief reasons behind the agreement of both the countries to end the standoff as China cannot afford to have a war with India at this moment as their exports to India is four times that of Indian exports to China.


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