Cattle smuggling to Bangladesh on a rise


Guwahati/ 31st August’2017 (Prag News Desk):Headlines of cattle smuggling to Bangladesh still continues to become a major cause of worry and according to records available, more than 1.22 lakh cattle heads were seized by the personnel of the Border Security Force (BSF) in the areas under its Guwahati Frontier in the last two and half years.

As per records available, as many as 39,470 cattle heads were seized by the BSF under Guwahati Frontier in 2015, 58,468 were seized in 2016 and 24,965 were seized up to August 24 this year. Among the three sectors under the Guwahati Frontier, Dhubri sector is still the most vulnerable because of the riverine international border as more than 40 thousand cattle heads were seized in that sector last year, while, so far this year, 12,362 were seized so far this year. Though the smugglers try to smuggle out cattle heads through other areas in Coochbehar and Falakata sectors, the Dhubri sector is still the most vulnerable and it is noticed that in recent times, the Coochbehar sector is also becoming vulnerable.

The number of cattle actually smuggled out can turn out to be much more as only some of the cattle sought to be smuggled out of the country can be seized because of the terrain.
Incidentally, most of the cattle seized by the BSF again fall into the hands of the smugglers. Whenever cattle are seized, the BSF hand them over to the Customs Department. But the Customs Department is forced to auction the cattle immediately as the Government has not made any provision to keep the cattle for long periods and the syndicates involved in such racket manage to buy back the cattle.



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