Midnight snacks may lead to heart risk, diabetes …


Guwahati/ 8th November’2017 (Prag News Desk): “People with the habit of late night snacking have a higher risk of developing various heart diseases and diabetes,” says a new research.The researchers found the late night eating habits cause complications in the working of the body’s biological clock. It is out-of-sync with the 24-hour cycle, resulting in high blood-fat levels and heart problems.

“Occasionally we can ignore our biological clock as for instance we can decide to sleep during the day when we are extremely tired. However doing it frequently inflict harm our health in the long-term, especially when we eat at times when we should sleep”, added Ruud Buijs, Professor at the University of Mexico in Mexico City.

The researchers in order to study this matter taken rats. They were fed during the beginning of the day and at the same time the beginning of the night. The results concluded that the rats when are provided food at the beginning of their rest period(night) have level of blood fat  spiked more drastically than rats when fed during the beginning of their active phase(day).

The research, in the journal Experimental Physiology, disclosed that no change in the blood fat levels occurred when the researchers removed the part of the rat’s brain that controls the 24-hour cycle.

Hence, it was evident that the presence of high level blood fat  not only affect  the metabolism rate but also increased the chance of various heart diseases and diabetes in our body.


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