Sunday “A national day of mourning” declares Iranians


Guwahati/ 14th November’2017 (Prag News Desk): Rescuers struggled searching for survivors on Sunday in Iran, after a deadly earthquake hits  Iran in a region bordering Iraq, killing over at least 445 people and 7,370 people were injured. The devastating 7.3-magnitude earthquake forced Iranians to spend a second night outdoors in near-freezing temperatures, after their residents were damaged badly. Authorities said that more than 30,000 houses had been damaged and at least two villages completely destroyed. Besides, having said Tremors were felt as far away as Turkey, Israel, Kuwait and Pakistan.
The government is scrambling to get aid to the worst-hit area in the mountainous province of Kermanshah, reports the BBC. President Hassan Rouhani is due to visit the region on Tuesday. The survivors scrambled for shelter, water and food asking the authorities for help. The Iranian Red Crescent along  with  Iranian Army were taking part in that relief striving to supply in many lacked areas. About 30 Red Crescent teams were working in the earthquake zone.

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