Is sunflower seeds good for health?


Guwahati/ 16th November’2017 (Prag News Desk): Sunflower seeds have become a popular snack food at the present time. Because of their nutritional value Sunflowers seeds offer amazing health benefits.In addition, this seeds are highly rich in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals essential for our health.

Mehar Rajput, Dietician at fitpass and Sukhmani Bedi, Co-Founder of Better Butter provides various ways of how this delicious seeds can be used in our regular dishes.

For instance, roasted or salted sunflower can be added to our daily cold or hot breakfast cereals in order to improve their nutritive values. The main course dishes such as chicken curry, mix-vegetables etc can be more flavourful by sprinkling sunflower seeds. Besides, bakeries items like cake, muffin, and bread batters become more mouth watering , adding sunflower powder. Sunflower seed butter can be prepared by mixing ingredients i.e. Sunflower seeds, sea salt and sugar or stevia. In addition, this nutty Sunflower seeds not only increase the taste of the cornflakes cereal chivda but also make it healthier. This amazing seeds should be added to dry coconut chutney powder to make it more crunchy.


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